• Update 23th of June 2017

    Since the ICO craze started which are often badly designed we now have the actual need to see unconfirmed transactions.

    With Geth you can use eth.pendingTransactions from the console (geth console or geth attach to an other running Geth instance. This will return all unconfirmed transactions sent from on of the local…[Read more]

  • Peter Freddy replied to the topic Too little fee in the forum Bitcoin 1 year, 2 months ago

    There are several approaches, none of them are bullet-proof. I’m not sure which methods are most easily available from the blockchain.info wallet, but probably #0 and #2, followed by #3 and #1b.

    0) Wait it out. Even in late 2017, every now and then there is still almost free capacity from time to time where even low-fee transactions will pass;…[Read more]

  • Peter Freddy started the topic Dash in the forum Dash 2 years ago

    Transaction on Dash stucks or still isn’t going forward to the receiver? Here you’ll get help.

  • Peter Freddy started the topic Ethereum in the forum Ethereum 2 years ago

    Problem with Ethereum Blockchain and transactions can be reported gracefully here.

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